Event Locations & Building Access

Main event: 3401-A Walnut Street, Room 401B (4th floor)

Lunch: 3401-C Walnut Street, Suite 300 (3rd floor), Linguistics Department

Access: Note that building access is limited, and that the event and lunch venues require entering through separate entrances from the street level:

  • The main event entrance (A-wing) is right next to Starbucks at the corner of 34th & Walnut. There’s a security guard downstairs and you may be asked to show ID and sign in, just tell them you’re attending MACSIM. Take elevator to 4th floor and follow the signs.
  • The entrance for lunch in the department is in the middle of the block (C-wing), between CVS and a glasses store called Modern Eye. Access is restricted to people with PennCards. We’ll have someone at the door at transition times and will provide a contact in case anyone gets locked out at other times. Take elevator to the 3rd floor and follow the signs once in the building.


Our location at 3401 Walnut is easy to reach by various modes of transportation:


Amtrak and NJ Transit as well as SEPTA service Philadelphia’s William H. Gray III 30th Street Station. From there, it’s just a 10-15 minute walk.

Within Philadelphia, you can also take SEPTA trolleys to the 36th street station, or the Market-Frankford line to 34th Street Station. There’s various bus lines as well.

Car / Parking

I-76 and I-676 get you almost all the way to Penn; Saturday mornings are usually ok traffic-wise, but don’t be surprised if there are some delays. For parking, see theĀ Public Parking Locations page, which shows all of the lots that offer parking to visitors. The closest visitor lot to 3401 Walnut is “Chestnut 34,” and second closest is “Walnut 38.” For more details on individual lots/garages, see this parking map (filter to show both ‘Visitor and Permit parking’ and ‘Visitor Parking only’). Weekend rates seem to be $14 for the day for the most part (though we can’t vouch all that information is up to date).


The precise dinner location will be shared at the event, but you’ll be headed close to 49th & Baltimore Ave. You can walk (about 1/2 hour according to Google Maps; probably faster for most people’s walking speed); take trolley #34 ( (Note that you’ll need $2.50 in exact change unless you have a SEPTA card or the new SEPTA Key Tix app); or, of course, drive or catch a ride (the latter may especially be worth it if you team up with others; should only be $10-15). If you’re heading back out from 30th street station that night, trolley 34 will also take you right back to there in about 15 minutes, just bear in mind that they won’t run that often Saturday evening/night (probably about every 20 minutes).

As mentioned already on the schedule and main page, dinner will be BYOB (bring your own beverage/booze). If you want to purchase alcohol to bring, there’s various options both close to the event venue and to the dinner venue: