The 5th MACSIM took place at the University of Delaware on October 3rd, 2015.

Funding for this event was provided by the Department of Linguistics and Cognitive Science, as well as the Department of Psychological and Brain Science.

Download the MACSIM 5 program here.

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Archived details:

The conference will be held at Gore Hall, situated on the main campus area (The Green). You can find its location here (for parking options, see below).

Presenters (oral and poster) will get their travel expenses reimbursed. Don’t forget to keep your tickets and send them to us together with this form.

Conference Schedule

9.30-10.00 ­Breakfast, registration, poster set-up (Gore Hall lobby)
10.00-11.00  Invited talk: Florian Schwarz (UPenn): Toward a typology of presupposition triggers: Experimental explorations (Gore 104) [slides]
11.00-11.15 [Break]
11.15-12.15 Talk session 1 (Gore 104)
Myrto Grigoroglou (UDel): Pragmatic factors in the acquisition of spatial language
Zoe Schlueter (UMD): The impact of definiteness information on comprehender expectations
12.15-12.30 [Transition to poster session]
12.30-1.45   Lunch/Poster session 1 (Gore Hall lobby)
1.45-3.00    Lunch/Poster session 2 (Gore Hall lobby)
3.00-3.15    [Transition to talk session]
3.15-4.15   Talk session 2 (Gore 104)
Haitao Cai (UPenn): Formal atomlessness: The uniformity of mass nouns
Drew Reisinger (JHU): Semantic (or thematic) proto-roles
4.15-4.30   [Break]
4.30-5.30  Talk session 3 (Gore 104)
Jess Law (Rutgers): Free choice and plurality
Maria Esipova (NYU): Alternating conjuncts: the to…to construction in Russian and its crosslinguistic counterparts
5.30-6.00     Business meeting
6.00-10.30   Dinner/party (The Speakeasy, 44 Kent Way)

List of poster presenters

Poster session 1

Luke Adamson (UPenn): The out- prefix and its role in event structure

Yi-Hsun Chen (Rutgers): Another look at actuality entailments: Quantificational adverb effect

Emory Davis (JHU): Perception-as-attitude verbs: as- prepositional phrase complements

Kajsa Djärv (UPenn): Factivity, main point of utterance and main clause phenomena

Annemarie van Dooren (UMD): You must (go) to Newark: Root modals and their predicates

Ava Irani (UPenn): Two types of definites in American Sign Language

James Maguire (Georgetown): Temporal locating adverbs and discouse transparency in the past perfect

Jennifer Seale (CUNY): Towards an account of coercion from situational achievement to state in the English Language

Aaron White (JHU): Measuring the semantic information in syntactic features

Akitaka Yamada (Georgetown): Preference and reluctance to the present perfect

Jérémy Zehr (UPenn): Vagueness, presupposition and truth-value gaps: An empirical investigation

Poster session 2

Ãœmit Atlamaz (Rutgers): A bidimensional semantics for questions

Christopher Baron (UMD): Generalized concept generators

Zhuo Chen (CUNY): The insignificance reading of shenme

Amy Goodwin Davis (UPenn): Children’s use of implicit domain restriction in the interpretation of the definite article in English

Hillary Harner (Georgetown): Advise, order, and two wants.

Jooyoung Kim (UDel): Finding the licensor of an interrogative adverbial in Korean

Songhee Kim (NYU): Korean tul as a loosened distributivity marker

Mingming Liu (Rutgers): Wh-conditionals as interrogative conditionals

David Rubio Vallejo (UDel): (Counter)factuality and the Spanish ability modal

Christopher Vogel (UMD): Externalism’s vagueness problem

Adina Williams (NYU): Relationality in the angular gyrus: Evidence from MEG

Here is some information about the location of the conference, travel options, and housing opportunities.

  • Location.
    • The Linguistics Department at UD is on 125 E Main, Newark DE 19711.
    • Newark, DE lies right by the SEPTA/Amtrak North-Eastern corridor and off I95.
  • Travel options.
    • Car:
      • Driving south from NY/NJ – Take I95 South (exit 3).
      • Driving north from DC/Baltimore – Take I95 North (exit 109).
      • There are 3 main public parking lots in town, all within a 5 minute walk to the Linguistics Department. You can check them here.
    • Bus:
      • Megabus to Newark DE (email us for further directions from the bus stop to the Linguistics Department: we might be able to arrange to pick you up).
    • Train:
      • Amtrak (about a mile walk (25min) from the station to the Linguistics Department. Please refrain from taking the Acela train and use student fares if possible).
      • There is no direct SEPTA service on weekends! (you can take it from Philadelphia to Wilmington, then shuttle bus).
  • Housing.
    • Courtyard Marriot hotel (400 David Hollowell Dr.) — 15-20min walk.
    • Super8 (268 E Main St.) — 5min walk.
    • Homewood Suites Hilton (640 S College Ave.) — 2 miles south of downtown.
    • Embassy Suites (654 S College Ave.) — 2 miles south of downtown.
    • We might be able to offer some crash space. Let us know!