The Second MACSIM

18 February 2012, University of Maryland

* * *

9:00-10:15 Registration and light breakfast

10:00-10:15 Greeting

10:15-11:15 Invited talk

    Roger Schwarzschild (Rutgers)

      “A Neo Neo Neo Davidsonian Analysis of Nouns”

11:15-11:30 Break

11:30-1:00 Poster session 1

      Matthew Barros (Rutgers)

        “Harmonic Sluicing: Which remnant/correlate pairs work and why”

Dimka Atanassov (Penn)

        “On the processing of epistemic modals”

Yanyan Cui (Georgetown)

        “Domain Shifting and the Existential Implication Triggered by Mandarin NPI


Karen Duek (CUNY)

        “Bare nouns and gender agreement in Brazilian Portuguese”

Alexander Funk (CUNY)

        “Non-intersective adnominal modification”

Yu Izumi (Maryland)

        “Why we need no reference to kinds”

Kristen Johannes (Hopkins)

        “Paths and gradability: Different sources of scalarity in the composition of motion events”

Mingming Liu (Rutgers)

        “Obligatory Object Drop as a Case of Covert Topic in Mandarin Chinese”

Yugyeong Park (Delaware)

        “A Unified Approach to Korean Causal Connective -nikka”

Alexis Wellwood, Chris Vogel, Brendan Ritchie, Rachel Dudley and Erin Bennet (Maryland)

        “Events and their causes: A transparency issue”

Jennifer Williams (Georgetown)

        “Modeling and Learning Typical Durations of Events from Twitter”

Erin Zaroukian (Hopkins)

      “Evaluating quantities”

1:00-2:00 Lunch (in and on the house)

2:00-3:00 Talk session 1

      Jon Stevens (Penn)

        “Notes on Givenness and Contrast”

Charley Beller (Hopkins)

      “Pejorative reference”

3:00-3:15 Break

3:15-4:45 Poster Session 2

      Carina Bauman, Nicole Holliday, Nathan LaFave, K.C. Lin, Sean Martin, Allison Shapp (NYU)



        in English”

Frances Blanchette (CUNY)

        “Modeling Negative Concord and Double Negation simultaneously: A feature spreading approach”

Christine Boylan and Dimka Atanassov (Penn)

        “The collective bias? Using eye movements to examine collective vs distributive interpretations of plural sets”

Marisa Genuardi Nagano (CUNY)

        “Breaking the Illusion of Modality: Reclassifying Japanese


Hillary Harner (Georgetown)

        “Split Scope”

Todor Koev, Nicholas Angelides and Maxwell Kramer (Rutgers)

        “An Experimental Investigation of the Semantic Contribution of Appositives”

Lan Kim (Delaware)

        “Benefactive constructions in Korean and German”

Chris LaTerza (Maryland)



Shevaun Lewis (Maryland)

        “Pragmatics in the development of belief reports”

Michael Oliver (Hopkins)

        “Interpretation as Optimization: Constitutive Material Adjectives”

Dan Simonson, Aynat Rubinstein, Joo Chung and Hillary Harner (Georgetown)

        “Categorizing modals with Amazon Mechanical Turk”

Beibei Xu (Rutgers)


      Questions as a Special Kind of Rhetorical Question”

4:45-5:00 Break

5:00-6:00 Talk session 2

      Teresa Torres Bustamante (Rutgers)

        “Real tense in mirativity”

Michaël Gagnon (Maryland)

      “Against an NPE Analysis of D-type Pronouns”

7:00- Dinner party, Calvert House