To help with planning and budgets, please register here. Registration is free but required.

Financial support

Thanks to a generous donation from the Department of Philosophy, we have funds to subsidize presenters who are driving a car or are taking a bus/train. (Car-pooling is encouraged, but there can be only one reimbursement per car.) The amount of support will be commensurate to the distance traveled: maximally $150 from NYU or CUNY, $100 from Rutgers, $90 from Penn, $75 from Delaware and $35 from Hopkins, though we cannot yet say with certainty our actual limit will be. To discuss what reimbursement will require, please email Alexander Williams,

Event Locations & Building Access

Main event: HJ Patterson Hall, Language Science Center (north end of second floor, room 2130)

Lunch: Catered to main space, from Taïm.

Access: We expect Patterson Hall to be open. But it is possible that a door will lock, and you will need to have someone from Maryland swipe you in. We will try to have a person near the door during the morning. But if you get stuck, please call or text (2**) 210-6961, where “**” is the final two digits of the publication year for Donald Davidson’s most famous papers on truth-conditional semantics.

Travel to College Park

College Park is near the border of Washington, D.C., nine miles northeast of the White House. It sits on Route 1, about two miles straight south of the intersection of I-95 and the Beltway (495). There is a Green Line Metro stop one mile east of campus. Extensive directions are available at this site.

Parking areas are highlighted on this map, and rules for visitor parking are here. Visitors can park in any of the four lots below, for $3/hour, or $15 for five hours or more.

  1. The Stadium Parking Garage, in the northwest of the campus, attached to the western edge of the football stadium 
  2. The Mowatt Lane Garage, in the southwest of the campus, where Knox Rd turns into Mowatt Lane (this can be reached from Route 1 via Knox Rd heading west).
  3. Union Lane Garage, which is immediately to the west of the Stamp Student Union building, and therefore difficult to reach during construction of the Purple Line streetcar tracks
  4. Regents Drive Garage, in the northeast of the campus, where Regents Drive meets Stadium Drive

You can also park in town, either at meters on the streets, or in the Downtown Parking Garage at 7338 Yale Avenue, right in the center of town, immediately southwards behind Ledo Pizza.