Main Event Schedule

09:30-10:00 Registration/Check-in; Coffee & Snacks

10:00-10:45 Invited Faculty Talk – Kristen Syrett (Rutgers): Experimental Evidence for Gradability, Context Sensitivity, and Essentialism in the Representation of Objects and Nouns

10:45-11:15 Alexandros Kalomoiros (Penn): Presupposition and its (A-)symmetries

11:15-11:30 COFFEE BREAK

11:30-12:00 André Eliatamby (CUNY): Children’s Interpretation of “Some” in Small and Large Contexts

12:00-12:30 Ioana Grosu (NYU): Facts and laws in children’s counterfactual possibilities

12:30-01:30 LUNCH (provided in Linguistics Department)

01:30-02:15 Poster Session 1

02:15-02:45 Chaoyi Chen (Rutgers): Mandarin concessive scalar particle hai: Verum focus and Maximize Presupposition!

02:45-03:15 Natalia Talmina (Hopkins): Pragmatics of English spatial prepositions

03:15-03:30 COFFEE BREAK

03:30-04:15 Poster Session 2

04:15-04:45 Jéssica Mendes (Maryland): The Future Subjunctive in Portuguese

04:45-05:15 Xiang Li (Georgetown): Overt Deixis and Null Anaphor in Uyghur Attitude Reports

05:30-05:45 Business Meeting (Ling Department Library)

06:15-???? DINNER/PARTY (Food provided, BYOB*) – Details to be provided at event on site; location close to 49th & Baltimore Ave in West Philadelphia

[*Bring your own beverage - details & suggestions on logistics page] 

Poster Session 1 (1:30-2:15)

Brittlea Jernigan-HardrickU of DelawareA formal analysis of the quasimodal ‘finna’ in African American English
Gérard AvelinoRutgersModal event relativity extended: Evidence from Tagalog particle sana
Indira DasRutgersBare noun definites and their non-number neutrality in Odia
Jane LiJohns HopkinsTagalog Inclusory Constructions
Karl MulliganJohns HopkinsCrowdsourcing QUD annotations
Keita IshiiU of DelawareMismatch in Speaker/Addressee embedding and UH embedding in Japanese
Mingyeong ChoiGeorgetown“Sentence-final -ki in Korean: Directive meaning based on salient goals and ideals”
Zhuosi LuoGeorgetownCAUSE(e1, e2) is not sophisticated enough: lessons from Teochew
Zhuoye ZhaoNYUMandarin le as an existential past-tense morpheme
Ziling ZhuRutgers*Be surprised whether: Question-to-Cleft reduction

Poster Session 2 (3:30-4:15)

Alaa SharifCUNYNon-Split vs. Split semantics of exceptives in Palestinian Arabic
Fedor (Fedya) GolosovU of MarylandSemantics of the dual number in Kazym Khanty: a not-at-issue analysis
Jingyi ChenU of MarylandAnankastic Conditionals are Modal Subordination
Jonathan Caleb KendrickU of MarylandFree Choice Items in Imperatives
June ChoePennDiscourse effects on the acquisition of subordinate nouns
Malhaar Paritosh ShahU of MarylandAgainst Quantificational Event Semantics
Nhu-Anh (Anne) Hoang NguyenCUNYThe (cho) đến ‘until’ puzzle in Vietnamese
Ugurcan VurgunPennAspectual framing of events shifts online event apprehension
Victor GomesPennHow to think negative thoughts (to learn negators with)
Yiran ChenPennThe Goal Bias Emerges Early in Motion Event Inspection and Speech Planning: Evidence from Eye-Movements
Zhilang LiuCUNYThe Syntactic status of gradable you+NP constructions in Mandarin