10 April 2010, University of Pennsylvania

Faculty organizer: Florian Schwarz

Invited speaker: Jeffrey Lidz (Maryland) “Interface Transparency”

Program (also available as pdf, including abstracts)

9-10 Breakfast; poster set-up
10-11 Talk Session 1:
Masahiro Yamada
(U of Delaware): Discontinuous Reciprocal in Japanese (slides)
Grant Armstrong (Georgetown): Semantic and Pragmatic Contributions of a Non-Adicity Reducing Reflexive Clitic in Spanish
11-11:15 Coffee break
11:15-12:15 Invited Talk by Jeff Lidz (Maryland): Interface Transparency
12:15-12:45 space
Lunch (provided on site)
12:45-1:45 Poster session 1
1:45-2:45 Talk Session 2:
Aviad Eilam & Catherine Lai (UPenn): Sorting Out the Implications of Questions
Lilia Rissman
(Hopkins): Periphrastic ‘use’ and the expression of goals (handout)
2:45-3:45 Poster Session 2
3:45-4 Coffee Break
4-5 Talk Session 3:
Alexis Wellwood (U of Maryland): The uniformity of nominal and verbal comparatives (handout)
Salvador Mascarenhas (NYU): Contextual givenness vs. existential quantification
6 – Dinner @ Inn at Penn


Poster Session 1 (12:45-1:45)

Charley Beller (Hopkins): Epithets, Implicature, and Information

Douglas K Bemis (NYU): Evidence for a Domain-General Cognitive Mechanism in the Construction of Basic Linguistic Meaning

Jonathan Brennan (NYU): Teasing apart structure-building and semantic composition during story-reading with MEG

Carlos A. Fasola (Rutgers): The semantics of comparative correlatives in Chinese (poster)

Lotte Hogeweg (Hopkins): The meaning of adjective-noun combinations: underspecification versus overspecification

Catherine Lai (UPenn): What does “really” really do in dialogue? Cue words, prosody, and gradience

Chris LaTerza (U of Maryland): Thematic roles and ‘one another’ reciprocals

Tim Leffel (NYU): Continuation semantics for expressives and epithets

Jon Stevens (UPenn): Modeling early cross-situational name learning in real time

Poster Session 2 (2:45-3:45)

Dimka Attanassov (UPenn): The Bulgarian Reportative as a Conventional Implicature (handout (revised 7/21/10), poster)

Carlos Balhana (Georgetown): Assessor Sensitivity and the Modality of Even

Simon Charlow (NYU): Two kinds of de re blocking

Yanyan Cui (Georgetown): On the semantics of “hope”

Michaël Gagnon & Alexis Wellwood (U of Maryland): Epistemic Containment and the distribution of quantifiers (poster)

Todor Koev (Rutgers): Evidentiality as a link between speakers, times, and events (poster)

Dave Kush (U of Maryland): The future and epistemic modality in Hindi

Mike Solomon (NYU): Quantifiers, alternatives, and ‘certain’ indefinites

Yanyan Sui & Lucas Champollion (UPenn): Chinese ‘dou’ and cumulative quantification

Erin Zaroukian (Hopkins): Uncertain Numerals (handout)



This MACSIM has been made possible by generous financial and logistical support by the Institute for Research in Cognitive Science at the University of Pennsylvania, which is gratefully acknowledged. Special thanks to Jessica Marcus, Christine Massey, and Laurel Sweeney for invaluable help in planning the event. Many thanks also to Dimka Atanassov, Jana Beck, Catherine Lai, Jon Stevens, and Yanyan Sui for their help with the workshop.