MACSIM – the Mid-Atlantic Colloquium of Studies in Meaning – is a regional workshop on issues related to meaning in natural language. It was conceived in 2009, in conversations among semantics faculty at Georgetown, Maryland, Johns Hopkins, Delaware and Penn. The first MACSIM was organized by Florian Schwarz, and held at the University of Pennsylvania in April 2010.

This page outlines the history of MACSIM.


  • The First MACSIM, April 10 2010, University of Pennsylvania

    Faculty organizer: Florian Schwarz
    Invited speaker: Jeffrey Lidz (Maryland) “Interface Transparency”
    Faculty in attendance: Robin Clark, David Embick, Valentine Hacquard, Aravind Joshi, Tony Kroch, Kyle Rawlins, Satoshi Tomioka, Florian Schwarz, Roger Schwarzschild, Muffy Siegel, Anna Szabolcsi, Alexander Williams

  • The Second MACSIM, February 18 2012, University of MarylandFaculty organizers: Alexander Williams & Valentine Hacquard
    Invited speaker: Roger Schwarzschild (Rutgers)
  • The 3rd MACSIM:  April 13 2013, Johns Hopkins University

    Faculty organizer: Kyle Rawlins
    Invited speaker: Paul Portner (Georgetown)

  • The 4th MACSIM: Fall 2014, Rutgerse

    Faculty organizers: Kristen Syrett, Roger Schwarzschild, Veneeta Dayal
    Invited speaker: TBA